New Incentives Framework

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    Incentives Scheme Review

    In support of building the best people Top Management have initiated a review of KNPC’s Incentives Scheme. The Corporate Transformation Office have now completed this review and proposed an enhanced framework. The enhanced KNPC Incentives Framework is aligned with the Mission Vision and Values, and defines clear roles and responsibilities, processes and reward criteria. The new framework includes the following six awards:

    Committees Award (Performance) – Recognises individuals who contribute to KNPC committees based on individual and overall committee performance

    Projects Award (Performance) – Recognises strategic project teams that have demonstrated project delivery excellence

    Leadership Award (People) – Recognises individuals that demonstrate outstanding leadership

    Coaching Award (People) – Recognises individuals that continually guide and develop the capabilities and knowledge of their colleagues and subordinates
    HSE Award (Practice) – Recognises individuals and groups who show exceptional awareness or promotion of SHE related risks and issues

    Applied Learning Award (Practice) – Recognises individual’s that demonstrate exceptional efforts to both learn and apply what they have learnt

    The Incentives Evaluation Committee was established in April 2008 in order to ensure fair and effective evaluation and operation of the new awards. At the same time the Committees Award was successfully launched. The remaining awards are currently going through the approval process and expected to be launched by the first quarter of year 2009/2010.

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