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  1. kolena fe el hawa sawa

    kolena fe el hawa sawa بـترولـي نشيط

    Salam 3alikom,

    I would like to know the following if you could answer them:

    1. benefits the company offers their employees
    2. I am an engineer with 5 yrs expereince, around how much will the salary be or the break down for the salary according to you salary scale.

    I would really apprciate it if someone answers me :) thanks and hoping to work with you in the future.
  2. فهد شموه

    فهد شموه إدارة المنتدى

    Production Engineering Mechanics
    ☀Q8 دار الفخــر والعــز☀
    الشركة الكويتية للاستكشافات البترولية الخارجية ( كوفبيك )

    أخي الكريم
    kolena fe el hawa sawa

    يمكنك الاتصال أو فاكس بالشركة على العنوان المذكور أدناه أو مراسلتهم
    بالإضافة إلى موقعهم الإلكتروني لمزيد من المعلومات... مع تمنياتي لك بالتوفيق وإن شاء الله تكون زميل لنا في القطاع النفطي...
    ولا تنسانا بشرنا إذا قبلوك في الوظيفة ونبي الحلاوة :):D

    Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company (KUFPEC)
    Administrative Shuwaikh – Area 4 –
    Street 102 - Building No. 9
    P.O. Box 5291 Safat, 13053 Kuwait
    Tel: 836000
    Fax: 4951818

  3. KingLear

    KingLear بـترولـي نشيط

    kolena fel hawa
    you kept me wonder, why did you call HR and asked them your questions
    why do you expect us will go visit them to provide you with such information
    if you are really think you are hard worker, then carry on and go shoot your questions at HR

    By the way, we have the exact scale of any KPC company

  4. kolena fe el hawa sawa

    kolena fe el hawa sawa بـترولـي نشيط


    Thank you for you suggestion, i already did so and i know that you have the same scale as KPC for the salaries, and i contacted HR and got the information. I asked here to see if anyone has something that i was not told by HR, maybe something was missed.

    BY the way just for clarification..... how do you see kufpec career wise?

  5. KingLear

    KingLear بـترولـي نشيط

    Good to hear that and wish you luck. In regard the career, I believe it's better than other big companies such KOC and KNPC and etc. KUFPEC got almost 150 employees, 70% are Kuwaities and the rest are Expats. Your chance is higher than other large companies.

    But in other hand, we have the same corruption as the whole oil sector and you can feel it more due the small size of the company.

    Wish you luck and welcome on board.
  6. kolena fe el hawa sawa

    kolena fe el hawa sawa بـترولـي نشيط


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